Woodwind Lessons

Flute: light, nimble, and romantic
Clarinet: solid, beautiful, grounding
Saxophone: clever, jazzy, and full of soul

Which of these instruments speaks to you?

At Northwest School of Music, we offer high-quality instruction for the three main woodwind instruments, flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

The students who succeed in band and orchestra are generally those who receive private lessons.
The saxophone, flute and clarinet are popular instruments of choice for students in school bands and orchestras. However, many of those programs only offer group lessons, which don't give the student a chance to really excel and get past the beginner stage of learning. They also don't motivate them and help them foster a real love of the instrument.

What do woodwinds lessons cover?

Saxophone, flute and clarinet lessons all teach proper technique, including development of breath support, correct embouchure and posture, and finger placement. Students will be taught basic theory as well as solo and ensemble pieces. All students will have the opportunity to perform in at least two recitals per year.

Program Details:

  • Ongoing enrollment
  • Ages 7 - adult
  • Levels: Beginner - Advanced
  • 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons available
  • Lessons provided at our downtown Salem studio,
    OR in your own home
  • Special rates available for 2 - 3 students who want to learn together

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