May Student of the Month

The May student of the month was selected by one of our piano instructors, Western-Li Summerton. He selected Lilly Anderson, age 11. Lily has been playing the piano for seven months, she enjoys playing music because it makes her feel happy. One of the things that Lily said she really likes about playing the piano is that “it is a different way of expressing myself”. Right now Lily’s favorite song that she is learning is Rigoletto Aria.

When we asked Lily what her favorite kind of music to play is she said “I like to play classical music because it is so nuanced!”. Lily doesn’t really have a favorite musician, she likes a large variety, but thinks Justin Bieber is good.

Other than taking piano lessons at Northwest School of Music, Lily’s favorite activity is Girl Scouts. When she grows up she wants to be a 5th grade teacher. Her favorite subject in school is  writing, specifically fiction. Right now she is reading Harry Potter. Great job on being May’s student of the month Lily!