June Student of the Month

The June student of the month was selected by our piano and voice instructor Ms.Mallory Livingston. She selected 7 year old Emma-Claire Middlestadt because “she is the most dedicated practicer I have ever had the privilege to teach. As a 7 year old, she practices sometimes over 4 hours a week, tries hard to memorize almost every song, and stays extremely focused and ready to learn during lessons. After less than 5 months of teaching we’re already chording, note reading, improvising and performing. She’s an extremely dedicated pianist and I’m very proud of her.”

When we spoke with Emma-Claire about her love of piano she had lots of great things to say. She told us that she has been playing the piano for about four and a half months, and that she enjoys it because it makes her feel “happy and glad”. Emma’s favorite song that she is working on right now is the Star Wars theme, she is a huge Star Wars fan!

Emma-Claire said that “I like everything about playing the piano. I like the music that I am playing. I like playing for others. My favorite thing about playing for others is that I never make mistakes.” She likes to play music that she knows because “I don’t have to make it up in my brain.” Her favorite subject in school is Music. When Emma-Claire grows up she wants to be a veterinarian.

Emma-Claire was also one of a small group of students to successfully complete our 30 Days of Practice Challenge in May. Congratulations Emma-Claire on all your hard work and practicing!