Instructor Harris Long

Harris Long

Instructor of Voice and Piano

Harris Long 4

Harris Long was born into a very musical family and began his musical education at a young age. After years of serious study, Mr. Long decided to attend Willamette University with a focus on Improvisation in Contemporary Practice. Mr. Long  enjoyed learning about jazz performance, free music genres, and musical collaboration. In 2014, Mr. Long graduated from Willamette University with his Bachelor’s of Music.

Since his graduation, Mr. Long has been an active performer throughout the Willamette Valley, playing and singing with a variety of ensembles and bands. Mr. Long is a talented musician who enjoys sharing his craft.

Mr. Long’s father is a well respected musical educator who conducts conferences and workshops for talented high school and college students. Mr. Long has had the opportunity to be a guest instructor at many of these classes, teaching advanced techniques of solo singing, musicianship, and improvisation.

Mr. Long currently teaches private lessons and group classes in piano and voice at NWSM, where his shares his multi-faceted talents with his eager students. Mr. Long specializes in jazz and contemporary vocal performance.