How to Find a Good Piano Teacher

Good Piano Teacher

Good Piano Teacher

On the hunt for a good piano teacher? Congratulations! You are in pursuit of something of great value. A great piano teacher is a wonderful addition to your life. Piano teachers open the doorway to sounds previously unheard and emotions never felt before. The joys that come with playing the piano for oneself are rivaled by few others.

Piano lessons truly are a worthwhile endeavour. Long after dancers cease to dance and swimmers can no more tread water, students– even in old age– continue to derive great pleasure from the making of melodies.

So, with that in mind, press on! Find the best piano teacher you can. A great piano teacher can make all the difference between a dreadful piano lesson and a delightful one.

One of the most difficult aspects of finding a GREAT piano teacher is often simply finding any piano teachers at all. Since many piano teachers are “one man shows,” they often aren’t listed in the phonebook, or advertised on billboards. Fortunately, four of the best places to look are conveniently at your finger tips.

Perhaps the most common way piano teachers are located is simply by word of mouth. Good piano teachers get talked about! Know someone who plays piano well? Ask them who their teacher is!

Another method is a simple internet search engine. Since good piano teachers get talked about, they generally have thriving studios. Many such teachers have a studio website, where their students connect and new students can find out information about the teacher and lesson studio.

The third way to find piano teachers can be one of the easiest ways to quickly determine a teacher’s qualifications. Have a music school locally? Most music schools employ several qualified piano teachers. Music schools are careful about who they hire (since their teachers are their face to the students). Find a good music school, and you probably have a good piano teacher just waiting for you!

A final way to locate piano instructors is through classified ads. These could be in your newspaper, a free ad paper, or through Craigslist or another online listing site. Be careful here, and be sure to check the teacher’s credentials before you sign up– anyone can post a classified ad.

Check back soon for future blog posts addressing what questions you should ask potential teachers and how to make the final decision on which teacher to select.