4 Apps for Learning Music in a Fun and Engaging Way!

Have you ever felt discouraged because your budget is tight between the groceries, the house bills, and the kids’ lessons but you want to provide more opportunities for your children to learn music? Well, there are ways to fulfill this desire without spending a large sum on learning tools! Your needs and desires for you and your children can all be met at the same time with some great, free music apps!
Rhythm Cat is a fun game that helps beginners of all ages get beyond the discouragement that can come with reading rhythms! Your child can learn groove, rhythm, and keeping time all at once with this app! It has “cool cat” background music to play the rhythm to! The app will do a count off and then the player must tap the rhythm to the beat of the music.
Music Minds Flashcards is an interactive learning app with flash cards to help your child recognize musical symbols and terminology. There are over 100 Flashcards that cover 6 different areas of music! You can practice the flash cards to learn music theory and test your knowledge at the in-app arcade!
Dust Buster 2 is a delightful keyboard app that is similar to Rock Band but instead of working hard to play the instrument at the right time, the player must work hard to help a cute, little old lady move across the keyboard to dust away the dust-bugs that try to land on the keys! Your child can learn about music and cleaning at the same time!
Tiny Piano is a keyboard app for Apple products with popular songs. While not ALL the songs are free, there are plenty that are available to use! The notes do not go on without being pressed, so your child can learn a song for free at the piano by transferring the notes on the screen to the keys on the piano!
“Bonus App Suggestions”
Toca Band is a highly entertaining app where your child can learn about orchestration in a goofy way! You can play with sounds and create your own band.
Sketch-a-Song is for those artists in the family; you get to compose in color! Your child can learn instrument sounds as he or she chooses instruments to place and learn more about rhythm, harmony, and blending.
Amazing Pet Piano is for the animal lovers in your family. This is a keyboard app that will bark or meow a tune for you! Meow!